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Measuring for a Harness
A. From corner of mouth over the poll, and to the other corner of mouth.

B. Circumference of nose, taken about two fingers width below the prominent cheek bone.

C. Circumference of Girth

D. Length of back from position of harness saddle to base of tail.

E. Length of horse, from point of shoulder to buttock.

F. Height at withers.

These measurements together with the body weight and the type of horse, and the style of the vehicle the harness is intended for, will enable the harness maker to satisfactorily fill your order.

Guidelines for Harness Measurements
General Guideline Only!

Miniature Horse- For Class A Miniature horses

Small Pony- For Class B Miniature horses and ponies under 42"

Medium Pony- for 41" - 46"

Large Pony- for 46" - 51"

Cob Size- for 700- 975 lbs./ 13 to 14.3 hands

Horse Size- for 1000 to 1250 lbs. / 15 to 16.3 hands

Oversize- 1250 to 1400 lbs.

Draft Size- 1450 to 1600 lbs.

Large Drafts- 1650-2000 lbs.

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